• Hello Robin,

    I would just like to let you know that I received the garden poster in good order and it is now hanging in our garden. It’s perfect! Our friends and neighbours like it too. As the poster is visible from the front of our house, we can see the reactions of people passing by when they see a marina in a street!

    The poster completes our garden. We are very happy with it.

    Best regards,
    George Frost


  • Hello Harold,

    My wonderful garden poster arrived yesterday. It’s even better than I thought it would be! We will certainly enjoy it when we are in the garden, but the best thing is that we can see it from the house.

    Thank you very much,

    M. Lee


  • Thank you very much. We received the poster last week in good order and it is now hanging on the wall in our garden. It is beautiful – I now have the beach and the dunes in my back garden!


    Best regards,

    Henry Smith


  • Good morning,

    I received the poster yesterday. It’s amazing. Many thanks as I never thought that our place in southern Spain was so beautiful. Mazarrón …


    S. Edmund - Colchester

  • I am highly satisfied with the garden posters that I ordered. The service provided by Outdoor Canvas is excellent.

    A very satisfied customer,

    W. Milner    



  • I have hung the poster with the French advertisement on the door and it looks amazing. The quality of the photo and the canvas that it is printed on is good. It sticks really well too.

    I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with it.

    Angela Reed


  • Dear Mr Schuurman,

    I have now received the fourth poster and it looks just a good as the others that I had ordered previously.

    My first poster is now 4 years old and has been outdoors all year round. It looks just as good now as when I first bought it.

    The posters are very high quality and you provide a very fast delivery.

    Many thanks and I will be in touch again at some point for the next poster.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr E.D. Bell

  • As promised, the photo. My daughter and son-in-law are very happy with it, and we think it’s beautiful too. As you can see, it’s been given pride of place in the garden.


    W. Thirsk


  • Dear Harold Schuurman,

    The poster is wonderful! It is much better than I expected. Thank you for the service.


    Anne Tate


  • Dear Harold,

    As promised, two photos to give you an idea what the poster looks like at our place. Your poster makes our garden look a lot better!

    I have not yet received the bill for the extra work – don’t forget to send it.

    Thanks a lot for the good service.

    Henry Johnson


  • Dear Harold Schuurman,

    Thanks again for returning the balance. We are very pleased with the poster and with your service. We may order two more posters, but smaller ones, again next year. We first need to see how the garden will look with the new plants before deciding.

    I can’t wait to see what our family and friends think of the poster! We will certainly put in a good word for you.


    All the best,

    Mr and Mrs Thornton


  • Dear Madam/Sir,


    I would like to let you know that we are very happy with the quality – and your pre-sales service – of the poster which we ordered from you.


    Please find a photo of what it looks like in our garden. We made the frame ourselves. We have already received many enthusiastic comments on our photo and most people ask where we got the poster from. Word of mouth is the best way of advertising!


    Yours sincerely,

    The Jones family


  • Dear Mr Schuurman,

    So glad that we managed to sort out everything. The poster is fantastic. We will hang it up soon and I will then send you a photo. Thank you, also for the little gift that we found in the package and for returning the costs incurred. Great service!

    J. Gupta


  • Hi there

    The garden poster arrived today. Thanks also for the gift! I’m so glad it arrived on time.




  • Our second big garden poster arrived yesterday. When the first one arrived, there was unfortunately a large tear in it which happened during delivery. But this was not a problem. Just one phone call and sending some photos of the damage, and we received a new poster within three days. We were very happy. Excellent service, thank you Mr Schuurman!

    L.T. Chin


  • Dear Mr Schuurman,

    It took a while to take the photos, but here they are. They show the poster that I ordered from you. It looks great and I’m really pleased with it.


    Best wishes,

    Richard Grey


  • Dear Harold,

    The poster is up. Fab! I have just ordered three more– two for myself and one as a present. I’m very pleased with your service – friendly, fast and high quality posters. And the communication was pleasant too. I LOVE IT!!

    Keep it up!


    Valery Hughes Liverpool

  • Dear Harold,

    A late reply, but I wanted to let you know how much we like the garden poster – it’s wonderful! Compliments for the sharpness of the photo, the finishing and the prompt delivery.

    Well done!

    Yvonne Tate

    Tunbridge Wells 

  • Dear Harold,

    The poster arrived this afternoon and I have already stuck it to the narrow wall in the bathroom. It makes my bathroom look fabulous. My compliments to your posters. Thanks for your help.

    Best wishes,
    Geraldine Bridge


  • The garden poster is wonderful. I had not expected it to be so sharp. It’s lovely and is a wonderful gift for the owner of the horses.

    Sandra May - Scarborough

  • Hi Robin,

    Just got the poster and it’s wonderful! You’ve made a fantastic panorama from the two photos – you can’t see the seam at all. I’ve just hung it up on my balcony and it looks great. You feel like you are at the seaside.

    Many thanks!

    Best wishes,
    Maria Jones

  • Hello Harold,

    The bad news is that delivery of my poster was delayed at the courier’s because of holidays, double routes and so on. But I managed to trace the package and it has now been delivered. The good news is that it looks wonderful - warm colours and sharp images. Even the rings look good.


    Another satisfied client,

    J. Lobatt


  • It’s great! And I’m so glad that we listened to you and ordered the poster to cover the entire wall. Looking back, it would have looked strange to have bits of wall sticking out at the top and bottom of the poster.

    We are very proud of our beautiful poster.


    Thank you!

    The Williams family


  • Dear Mr Schuurman,

    I have received the poster – thank you, it’s lovely. But I have not yet received your bill.


    Mrs J. Groome Bristol


  • Dear Outdoor Canvas,

    We bought a garden poster from you a couple of years ago. I just want to say that the poster with the two purple tulips still look good, despite the British weather! We just wanted to let you know.


    Mrs B. Smith

  • Hello Harold,

    Thanks for the super fast delivery. I can now show off the poster at my birthday party. It’s fantastic. As you said, the sky is indeed a little dull, but that’s just what the sky in Thailand is like. There is always a sort of ‘mist’ there.

    Thanks again,

    Leonora Woods Dorchester


  • Hi Harold,

    Sorry for the late email. The last week of school is always hectic.


    We received the posters and love them. The colours are so clear and true to nature. The images that we chose are just as beautiful as we had hoped. We are so pleased that we ordered them.


    Thank you so much for helping us choose the right size and for the great service!


    Warm wishes,

    Susan and James


  • Very many thanks for the attractive garden poster. It’s very strong and the colours are really natural. Just look at the photo to see how beautiful it is.

    Best wishes,

    E.T. Singh


  • Dear Sir,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for the quick service in delivering the garden poster. We received it yesterday and hung it our conservatory, in a place where we can enjoy it. The view on the poster is very attractive.

    You do make it difficult for people to choose from among such a large collection. Every image is more attractive than the next.

    Our guests thought our conservatory much improved. I shall certainly recommend you to other people so that they too can enjoy the images.

    I wish you continued success with your extensive collection.

    Yours sincerely,

    Mrs C. Milner


  • Harold,

    Thanks for exchanging the wrong poster so quickly. This one is really beautiful.

    S.N. Rama


  • Good afternoon,


    FABULOUS! I received the garden poster. It may not be cheap, but you do get something wonderful for your money. And it arrived really fast.


    Many thanks,

    Mrs A. Young


  • Dear Mr Schuurman,

    We were surprised and very happy to receive our garden poster this morning so quickly. And even more so because it looks great.

    Thank you for the good service. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.Warm wishes,

    The Meyers


  • Dear Harold Schuurman,

    Thanks so much for the garden poster – it was delivered really quickly and it’s very good quality! It is a gift for my sister’s wedding. The beach in the picture is the spot where my brother-in-law asked my sister to marry him. They’re going to love it!

    Thanks again for everything!

    Brenda Foote


  • Hello Harold,

    I had a garden poster of 285 x 170 cm made through Outdoor Canvas. It was a while ago, but I kept the email correspondence because I wanted to let you know that we are still very happy with the poster. I am sending you a photo to let you know what it looks like in our house.

    It may have taken a while, but better late than never!

    Warm regards,
    Lydia Drew


  • Dear Mr Schuurman,

    I received the poster in good order by post today. It is truly amazing. As soon as I have hung it up I will send you a photo.

    Thank you for the good service and the fast delivery.



    W.N. Yap


  • Dear Harold,

    I did it! The right poster in the right place. Despite the miscommunication, everything worked out in the end.

     Thank you!
    Wendy Edgecombe


  • Hello Harold,
    The swimming pool is ready and the posters are hung. The pool area looks even more inviting now. I’ve sent some photos in the attachment so you can see for yourself. Please feel free to use the photos as they give a good idea of what you can do with the posters.

    With best wishes,

    Erin and Jack Hall

  • Dear Harold,

    The poster arrived safely and is now hanging in the conservatory. In one word – beautiful! Thank you for the quick service and delivery of this great product.

    Should you need any photos for marketing or advertising purposes, just let me know.


  • Hi Harold,

    As promised, I’m sending you some photos of our garden poster which we hung up at the weekend. Our garden is not quite finished as we want to get other garden furniture and finish planting the rest of the garden. In any case, I hope the photos give you an idea of what our garden will eventually be like.


    Thanks again for the very pleasant way that you helped us and for all your suggestions.


    Now let’s hope for good summer weather so that we can enjoy our poster and garden!

    Best wishes,

    Alison and Bill


  • I want to thank you again for sending me two new eyelets free of charge. The poster is hanging again just like before.

    We are very pleased with your service, and we will certainly recommend you to our friends.


    Mary Hughes


  • Hi there,

    I’m sending you a few photos of the garden poster. After some hiccoughs around the delivery, it all worked out in the end and we are very happy.


    The Fieldings

  • Hi Harold,

    Thank you for the very fast service. We have hung the poster and it looks great. We very much enjoyed our garden last weekend, sitting in the sun and looking out over the lake.


    With thanks,

    Sandra Jones


  • Hello Mr Schuurman,

    As I promised you on the phone, I am sending you the photo of the garden poster at the back of our swimming pool. I do not know where the photo was taken, but when we use the pool we feel like we are in Barbados.

    Please feel free to use the photo for promotional purposes.

    Best wishes,

    Patrick Foster

  • Good morning Sir,

    Enclosed are the photos that I promised to send of the canvas hanging in my garden. I made a frame myself and then hung it up on the fence. Once the climbing plants have grown, it will match the other fence.

    We will definitely come back to you in the future!

    Best wishes,

    Fred and Louise


  • I could not work out how to leave a message on your site. I just wanted to let you know that after about three years, our French lavender field with sunflowers still looks as good as new. The quality is amazing! We enjoy the wonderful poster every day and are going to order a second one soon.


    Once again, thanks.


    Andrew Hurst


  • Thank you very much. We received the poster last week in good order and it is now hanging on the wall in our garden. It is beautiful – I now have the beach and the dunes in my back garden!


    Best regards,

    Henry Smith


  • Dear Harold,

    We ordered the great garden poster on Wednesday and it already came in on Friday.

    Thanks for both the fast service and the advice. It is really beautiful. The colours, the quality and the detail are great. It exceeds our expectations! If you sit next to it, you can almost hear the water in the waterfall falling.

    It was a challenge sticking it evenly onto the sheet of glass, but we managed and it looks great.

    I’ve sent some photos too.

    Jackie and Tom


  • Dear Robin,

    We are very happy with the poster. The poster and the aluminium frame look great in this size. We are very satisfied with your service too, all the more so because of the discount you gave us on this larger size after we thought the original version too small. Fantastic service!

    B. Rajarathnam


  • The garden poster has arrived. Fantastic! Thanks for the good and fast service.

    Jeanine North


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